About Us

Several years ago, we were working on a new church building in Georgia and were trying to get our fish tape to go thru a ¾” PVC conduit pipe. Our goal was to pull wires to an HVAC air handler, which was 160 feet away from the distribution panel. We had pushed the fish tape 155 feet, where there were other bends before the distribution panel, and suddenly the end of fish tape got stuck. We tried every trick that we could think of: we shook it, we twisted it, we pulled the fish tape back and quickly pushed the fish tape as hard as we could towards the distribution panel, but the fish tape kept getting hung up at the same place.

Out of other options, we cut the PVC pipe, pulled the fish tape through, and then installed a coupler to repair and glue the PVC pipe back together. After three and a half hours, we finally got the end of the fish tape to the distribution panel, fastened the wires to end of the fish tape, and pulled wires back to the air handler. If we had had the CONDUIT RAT™ at the beginning, this task could have been completed in 30 to 45 minutes.

Summitridge Enterprises, Inc. was started as a new adventure and a reminder that with hard work you can accomplish anything. Often times, when one is faced with a problem, they seek a solution. We encountered a problem and created our solution with the Conduit Rat™. We hope that our invention will solve some of your electrical fish tape problems and save you money.

The CONDUIT RAT™ will save you time and money!